What We Do
Website Design

Mirroring on the goals and objectives of the customer’s enterprise, we give you web design and development services which present you in efficacious ways to your potential customers.
We deliver world standard web applications developed with the very latest cutting edge web development tools.



The first step in creating the desired website for our client, is understanding what the wants How the client wants his business projected to the world. We set aside some time to interview the client. Listen to what the client wants, ask questions based on the clients wants, understand the clients target audience. We aslo suggest to the client, based on market study and the environment the business is established, ideas and designs that we feel may fit the clients business.


Demo Presentation:

After the consultations and gathering of all the inputs from the client, we start with the designing process. We come up with about one to two prototypes which will be sent to the client. The prototypes are explaind in the mail sent to the client. certain aspects are taking into consideration during the design. They include:


  • The clients colours
  • Navigation
  • Aesthetics
  • The Message to be communicated

    Based on the clients response, we may redesign the prototype and make adjustments. this will then be sent back to the client for final verification.



    Once, the design is approved by the client, we go into the developement of the website. We bring all the ideas into life creating a masterpiece that the client would be proud of.


    Testing and Delivery:

    Once, the website is ready, we test the website for quality issues to ensure that things are working out perfectly. After this is done, we inform the client of the completion of the website. The client is then asked to test the website and is given a set time to do this. Corrections will be made if any during this testing period. In the absence of any further adjustments, we then launch the site fully.

    Corporate Branding

    When it comes to getting a corporate identity that can only be associated with your establishment, then we are the one to talk to.
    What we would give you, you cannot obtain anywhere else.

    We take your corporate identity and use it as a foundation in creating a logo design that suits what your brand or company is all about.

    We dont stop there. Using the created logo, we go on to create all your letter heads design, identity cards, business cards and so much more

    3D Modelling
    We create stunning virtual 3D models for both the architectural community and the developing 3D movie industry.
    Our models are also used in the engineering industry for virtual presentations of equipment and layout for pipping networks.
    We create stunning graphics for your various needs. From web based graphics to printable items.
    CG Animation
    We create exciting 3D and 2D animations for the web, the movie industry, for portable advert gadgets, such as the compact disk and the I.D Roms, and mobile devices.
    Video Editing
    We are poised to revolutionalising the movie industry with the creative and exciting visual effects we are bringing to the industry.
    This visual effects would be go further to creating realistic effects for the screen media.