My name is Halima Ibrahim Abba. I graduated with a 1st class in Law from King's. I also have a masters in Development from Cambridge University. I am an Investment Analyst at Africa Finance Corporation, a infrastructure focused Development Finance Institution where I cover Power, Industrials and Telecommunications. I also run a not-for-profit that provides education and employability services to disadvantaged youth in Nigeria.

My passion for education stems from my mother being in education administration for 30 years and a father who has always pushed me and my 6 sisters to become ambitious & driven women. I also grew up in Maiduguri, Nigeria where poor quality education and pervasive gender imbalances in education persist. Youth from less privileged backgrounds largely lack access to quality education in Nigeria. Further, early employability skills development and robust career guidance opportunities are severely limited in Nigeria.

The Foundation works to address these issues by supporting bright less privileged children to gain free life skills training, access to career mentors, internship opportunities, learning materials, supplementary tuition to support the inadequate quality education in their schools and exposure to exciting global educational opportunities. In addition, we provide scholarships to ensure our students remain in school.

Sustainable development without adequate infrastructure across all sectors be it power, industries, agriculture, health or otherwise is unattainable. Through my professional experience, I am a part of financing infrastructure projects that serve as the bedrock for development for years to come.