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Abeg Borrow Me Money is an acronym of ABMM (Softloan). A financial help provider that is powered by Quick Errand Guys NG. An indigeneous company with RC2183026.
A company that provides support services to students, employed, unemployed, small and medium scale businesses. You can also access our services via our social media platforms from anywhere in Nigeria.

fast loans

We are always flexible enough to cover all of your financial needs whichever those might be regardless of wether you are about to make a fist time loan or not.

flexible repayment

We understand that financial situations, credit scores and other financially-related things can vary. That is why we employ a flexible person-centric approach to each.

Do you need urgent cash loans?

  1. A valid identity card - national ID, student ID, drivers license or international passport
  2. A working phone number
  3. your current residential address
  4. an active bank account number for loan disbursement
  5. A minimum registration fee of ₦1000
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
You've got questions, we've got answers. We've organized these FAQs by topicfor you. If you don't see the answer you're looking for, please contact us. We promise to respond within 24 Business Hours.

Browse through our website to locate the Application/Registration forms for completion. Fill the required information and click next to make your registration fee payment after which your information would be verified for a loan decision.

Yes. We ask for your bank account details for us to make the transfer of your loan request. Note; This must be a personal bank account in your name.

ABMM Soft Loan is available throughout Nigeria and can be accesses from the tip of your finger tips using your mobile phones.

For convenience, you can repay your loans with your mobile phone by dialing the payment code for cash transfer transactions for your bank.
E.g. For GT Bank account holders, dial *737*1*10000*0112152911# Enter your pin and the repayment is done.

The due date for loan repayment is 3 weeks from the date of receiving the loan.

Still have some questions left?

call us for a free consultation @ 0909-999-7560

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